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Ms. Heard is a content creator who discusses and documents her solo vacations on the travel blog and youtube channel Where in the Heard is Tiffany.
After traveling solo and people inquiring about her trips, she decided to bring people along and began hosting group trips. To date, she has traveled to Rosarito Mexico, Cartagena, Columbia & Accra, Ghana with over 60 people.
Tiffany is the author of Hues of Africa: Journey Between the Lines & Hues of HBCUs, She was inspired to create Hues of Africa because coloring calms her soul and she aspires to globe-trot throughout the continent of Africa as a traveling Social Worker. Hues of HBCUs book was created to educate and show off the rich history and culture of HBCU education.
In addition, she is a speaker who presents about travel, personal brands, mental health, and much more. She has spoken at conferences such as Nomadness Travel Fest, Lipstick & Luggage Conference, and schools around the Los Angeles area.

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Welcome to my current location! I am currently exploring the beautiful sights and sounds of Nevada. From the bustling city streets to the peaceful countryside, I am excited to share my adventures with you. Join me on this journey as I discover all that this amazing destination has to offer.