About Tiffany Heard

Hi! I am Tiffany

Welcome to my world

I am a proud graduate of Howard University where I obtained a Masters of Social Work. I have currently traveled the world to over 20 countries and give back selflessly by volunteering abroad. As a content creator, I discusses and documents my solo vacations on the travel blog. I was inspired to create Hues of Africa book because coloring calms my soul. I aspire to globe-trot throughout the continent of Africa as a traveling Social Worker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I afford to travel so often?

I participate in free volunteer programs such as Diverbo and All Hand and Hearts. As a budget traveler, I stay in accommodations such as Hostels and Airbnb. In addition, I use apps such as Airbnb Experiences for excursions.

2. Are you afraid to travel solo?

I am not afraid to travel solo. I love the freedom and flexibility that traveling by myself provides. I refuse to wait on others to book a vacation. If I wait for others, I would still be sitting at home. Sis, take that leap of faith and travel solo.

3. Any tips on publishing a coloring book?

Find Facebook groups that provide resources and support for writers and publishers. Brainstorm a topic and think about illustrations to go along with your book. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me to schedule a consultation

4. What is your favorite country?

Ghana is one of my favorite countries. I went there for my first international trip for a summer study abroad program. Most recently, I organized a group trip for a small group during the Year of The Return. If you have never been to Africa, I highly recommend visiting this country first.